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Software made simple


Full business modules

Our full business software modules are ready to use and cover all aspects of specific businesses.

Depending of your needs, you can combine modules and features to have perfectly customized software according to your business needs:

  • Car fleet management
  • Facilities management
  • Human resources
  • Sales
  • Warehouse management
  • Production and quality controls

Standalone modules

You can use standalone modules in tandem with your existing software to add new features:

  • Reporting
  • Data import
  • Data export
  • Data collect from PDF, Word or Excel files
  • Labels printing
  • Bar code generation
  • Quiz tools

One platform

BusinessWidg is a platform that clusters business software in a single environment to:

    • mutualize powerfull features
    • ease integration into an existing information system
    • provide a new user experience.

We want to make it as easy to set up business software as it is to install an application on your smartphone.


  • Directly import your Excel and PDF data
  • Upload vendor data directly
  • Connect external input devices (barcode readers, scales, etc.)
  • Modify data in batch mode
  • Create your reusable templates (reporting, etc)


  • Configure the identification (rules on passwords)
  • Set up user profiles
  • Set the visible or editable data for each profile
  • Cancel data deletion
  • Ensure traceability via timestamped history


  • Quick access to data via a search bar
  • Sort and filter your tables for more clarity
  • Historize your data to keep only the essentials
  • Automatic sending of data (via email, SMS …)
  • Set alerts