The first platform that allows you to build your own ERP

as easy as installing apps on your smartphone


Designed for simplicity

Find your data quickly

  • quick search to find any of your data from any page
  • sort and filter your data tables for more clarity
  • add post-its
  • record and store your old data and keep only up-to-date data on screen.

Stay alerted and communicate

  • Set up your own alerts.
  • Automatically send data by email.
  • Automatically send data by text messaging.
  • Give direct read-only access to some of your data.

Designed for productivity

Reduce manual data input

  • Directly import your data from Excel files.
  • Directly import your data from PDF files.
  • Directly import your supplier data.
  • Connect external input device (code bar reader, digital balances, etc.).
  • Do batch data updates.

Create templates once for unlimited use

  • Create your query templates for data extraction.
  • Create your report templates.
  • Create your document templates directly from Word.

Designed for security

Secure and customize access

  • Customize how users authenticate (direct encrypted connection link, passwords, certificats).
  • Customize users profiles and who can do what.
  • Customize data visibility and update mode for each user profile.

Secure your data

  • Secure your data by undoing data deletion.
  • Guarantee tracability with automatic creation and updated dates.
  • Enhance data coherence by undeletable data used somewhere else.