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Quiz your Exhibit
Quiz your Exhibit
  1. Visitors play an entertaining quiz on their smartphones throughout the visit: they learn while having fun.
  2. Visitors give you feedback at the end of the game: you collect precious insights.
  3. Visitors find the board game version in the shop: they can bring home the concept and share it with others.
  4. You stay in touch with them by sending them new quizzes: they are engaged.
Quiz your Exhibit
Quiz your Exhibit
Sample quiz screenshot.

Customisable quizzes…

Immediately accessible questions via QR codes are placed strategically throughout the visitor journey.

No application to install; no dedicated device to buy.

composed of questions…

Questions are directly linked to what visitors are seeing.

Themes are 100% customised.

in a fun game format!

Attractive visuals, graphically adapted to your exhibit.

Surprise features (bonus and malus cards) at each question.

Strategy and catch-up features (multiple lives, boosters, energy, and a timer).

Quiz your Exhibit
Sample quiz screenshot.
From exhibit to gift shop: a take-home experience!

You already deploy a wealth of imagination and creativity to attract visitors and transmit knowledge.


But what do you have in your shop that can prolong what they’ve seen during their visit and foster engagement?


A mug? A book? A medal?

Quiz your museum naturally extends the exhibit to the gift shop with the game board version that allows visitors to access over 300 quizzes..


Visitors who enjoyed the game during the exhibit are directed to the gift shop where they can unlock detailed game statistics on their smartphone and win an immediate discount to buy the game.


Small kids leave with a stuffed animal, older kids and their parents with a quiz board game!

Quiz your Exhibit

Board game boxes are customisable with your visual identity.

Extra benefits
Easily collect feedback

A quick survey and general opinion request at the end of the game are simple ways to collect feedback.

Easily stay in touch with visitors in a unique way

Each new event is an occasion to create a new quiz to push to your visitors, as well as to the entire Quiz Carnage community.

The game can be configured to collect player email addresses.