More than 150 widgets available

to expand your ERP

Easy to configure

  • Standard features (sort, export, print, communicate).
  • Common parameters to all widgets (security, read-only or updatable data).
  • Specific parameters for each widget.

3 widget families adapted to your goals


Widgets oriented toward operational management, tracking and tracabiliy of data.

Secure, Manage, Alert, Report, Track


Accounting-oriented widget to track and study costs by several analytical axes, either financial or business.

Financial  Analysis & Costs Tracking


Widgets using big data to help you reduce your costs.

Forecast & Optimize Costs of Unframed Systems

Widgets are easy to find

  • Widgets are sorted either by business type or by business needs.
  • Automatic widget suggestions based on your current set of widgets.
  • A newsletter to help you discover new widgets and new features on existing widgets.

Be confident to try new widgets

Each widget can be used for a 15-day trial period.

  • No cost.
  • No obligation.
  • No risk.